Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 6

This past week has been great. We have been getting to know the interns somewhat. Corey, Angela, Jessica, and Ashely are definitely my favorites. Its been somewhat of a hard adjustment with them here. They are all stationed at different venues, except the camp, so I didn't get an intern to train. The other USC students though have been having to train the new interns. I think this caused some problems and some of the USC people felt like the new interns were trying to take over. Other than that the interns have been doing a pretty good job...Classes are almost over which I'm kind of happy about- I didn't think the classes we had t go to were that beneficial, but not entirely, some of the speakers were very interesting and had a lot of insight into the business.

The best part of my week was watching USA beat Canada in the preliminary round. I cant believe we won. Steph and I went to town earlier than Kate and Nikki. We went to the American store and got foam hats and foam fingers that had USA written all over them. The foam hats we got were these over sized cowboy looking things and I swear we had at least 10 people come up and ask to take a picture with us, and then there were some who just took pictures of us without even asking. We should have started charging for a picture with us, I felt like we were famous! We got to town a little later then we wanted to so everywhere was packed. We ended up watching it on one of the TVs in the village with a ton of Canadians. When we won every Canadian was so mad and there was a small group of Americans that started chanting and of course we were part of that group! ....I was never into hockey really before I got to Whistler, but now I think its one of my favorite sports. Ryan Kesler is my favorite player on the USA team and he plays for the Canucks!

I cant believe the Olympics are half way over. It seems like we got to Whistler just yesterday. Its sad to say that I dont think I'll be sad when they are over. It has definitely been a great experience and I have definitely learned a lot, but the Olympics is something that comes and goes and its not very sad once its over! I think for the most part it has been a success to the outside viewer. On the inside I have definitely noticed some things that went wrong with planning and how things could have been put together better, but as long as the spectators think things are working great I guess that's a good thing. Anyways, we are now halfway through the Olympics! I cant wait until the final hockey game...We just have to beat Sweden in the next round! Keep watching the games!

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