Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 8

So we lost in the finals hockey game to Canada, which was a huge disappointment to us Americans. Unfortunately I had to work that day at 2:00 so I was watching the game with a group of people in the rec room until I had to work. When I was in the office watching the game, we scored the goal to tie it up at the end. I ran all the way to the rec room to cheer with Nikki and Steph as well as rub it in the Canadians faces. Then...we lost. It was really upsetting, but I have to say that was a great way to end the Olympics, it was definitely a great hockey game to watch!

Now that the games are finally over, we get a few days off. Tyler, Sarah, Dolton, Christine and Stephanie all have the first four days off and then the rest of us get the next four days off. Nikki, Steph, Kate and I are planning to go to Vancouver for Stephs 21st birthday, which is March 6th. I'm only going to stay that Saturday night and come back to Whistler Sunday. I want to Snowboard Monday and Tuesday, since I don't know how many more days I'm going to have off.

I finally moved off camp and onto a venue. I chose to be moved to Creekside, because I wanted to be at an event venue. Creekside it so pretty and I love the feel of it, so I am definitely happy with my choice. I love being off camp! I have been able to meet new people such as our clients Bruce and Benoit.

My first day was Monday March 1 and Tyler taught me how things run. He showed me around the site, how to enter time sheets, etc, etc. I think I'm getting the hang of it, everything is pretty simple, I just need to learn the site so I can know where people are talking about when they call wanting something done. Tyler has off for the next four days so I am at Creekside by myself. Things have been going pretty smooth so far, we will just see how the next few days go!

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