Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 7

So this past week, I unfortunately had to watch the USA lose to Canada in hockey. We Americans had talked a lot of smack since we beat Canada in the preliminary round and since we had beaten Finland in the semifinals. It was definitely disappointing we lost, but I will say it was a great finals for the Olympics…The Canadians are still walking around rubbing it in!

Since the Olympics are finally over with we are now in the transition process from the Olympics to the Paralympics. This means that everything with the Olympic rings has to be taken down and replaced with Paralympics symbol. All the merchandise in the stores has to be changed, all the “look” on the fences has to be replaced, even VANOC’s jackets have to have a piece of fabric that snaps on to the back, over the Olympics rings, with the Paralympics symbol instead. I didn’t realize all that has to be changed for the Paralympics.

During the transition everyone gets four days off at some point, so on our days off a group of us are going to go to Vancouver for a night or two. I’m excited to finally get out of camp and sleep in a real bed. Since we don’t need as many people to work for the Paralympics, a lot of people have started leaving to continue on their traveling journeys or to venture home. Now that people have started leaving it makes me get a little homesick. It hard staying back and watching your friends leave, I think it would be a lot easier to say goodbye if we were leaving the same time as our friends. The good news is a group of us have started planning a trip to go to Australia during our Christmas break. We have made so many new friends that are from Melbourne and they have all offered us a place to stay, so we might as well use the opportunity and go visit. As soon as I get home I plan on saving up money for our trip.

I start at a new venue pretty soon, I think I’m heading to Creekside which is where all the downhill skiing takes place. I’m definitely excited to be at an actual venue rather than camp, hopefully I will be able to handle the work! I start Monday so we will see how it goes!

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