Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 5

This past week we had new interns arrive at camp. They are the Johnson and Whales interns and they moved into our cabin, so we went from having nine people in our cabin to eighteen people. It was definitely an adjustment, as if we werent cramped in there already! It is definitely nice to have them around so we, the USC students, can have some days off to go see some events and stuff. Since Christine, Sarah , and I are at camp we didnt get any new interns in the office, but everyone at the other venues did. They had to train them and show them the ropes. I set up an adventure with Paul to go to Cypress Mountain where all the snowboarding takes place. Normally some of us have class and on class days we go and tour a different venue. I set up a trip to Cypress for the USC students, so we could go see the Mens Halfpipe Semifinals and Finals. Some of us had class and the rest got some of the other interns to cover their shifts.

When we went to Cypress we got to see both the semifinals and finals. We left the camp around 1:30 and the semifinals started around 4:00. Cypress is a pretty cool venue, I think I like it a lot because Im interested in snowboarding. The only problem with Cypress is the way the grand stands were set up. VANOC originally predicted there to be snow at Cypress, which was not the case, so they had to rearrange the way the grand stand was set up. In order to go to the restroom, get food, buy merchandise, one would have to walk down hundreds and hundreds of stairs and then they would have to walk back up hundreds and hundreds of stairs to get back to their seets. In between the semifinals and finals I was hungry so I had to make the trek up and down the steps with food in my was not fun! I cant complain too much because I think I deifnitely got to see one of the best competions of the Olympics. I got to get a picture with Tony Hawk and I got to see Shaun White win the gold, and the other fellow American, Scott Lago, win the bronze! It was definitely an amazing experience that I will never forget! Those were the highlights of my week and I cant wait for the hockey to start! Go USA!

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