Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 9

The week has been going fairly smooth. This past weekend we went to Vancouver for Stephs 21st birthday. We headed down there on Saturday and checked into our hotel around 2:00. We then all went to lunch and headed to the USA store. Everything was picked through and all the good stuff was gone, but I did end up buying my mom a shirt from there. Saturday night we just went to dinner and then we went out a bit. It was a little difficult to go out in Vancouver because we didn't know our way around. We were all pretty tired anyways so we went back to our hotel around 12:00. It was so nice to sleep in an actual in a trailer definitely makes you appreciate the little things in life. On Sunday Kate's parents got to Vancouver and took me and Kate back to Whistler. Nikki and Steph stayed in Vancouver one more night so they could sleep in an actual bed once more. I wanted to go snowboarding Monday and Tuesday. Luke, a guy at camp, lets me borrow his board and boots and then Kylie our venue manager has passes for the gondola, so I am able to snowboard for free!!!

Since Tyler is at Creekside as well, he stays in the office and I have been able to get out and explore the venue with Kylie. I have gotten to know our staff at Creekside and we have all become good friends. I have also gotten to know the guys we share a trailer with, which are our clients, Benoit and Bruce, as well as some of the Coca Cola guys. I have gotten a chance to see what they do for the day.

Half the reason I didn't like being on camp was because I wasn't able to meet people such as our clients and other people involved in the whole Olympic/Paralympic process. Being at a venue now has allowed me to do just that and establish a relationship with these people. We have a good time here at Creekside and I really like all the people I have met. Its nice to see how an actual venue is run and what different companies do to contribute to the event.

The Paralympics start later on this week and I'm very interested to see how the venue runs on an actual event day!

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